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Kings Wood as it is known today has also been called Sanderstead Wood - at some time in the past the names have been transcribed on a map leading to the confusion over the name. (The ‘King’ in Kings Wood refers to an owner of the wood and has no connection with royalty). In 1844 it was oak coppice, later converted into a game covert for hunting. The pattern of intersecting rides still survives to provide a series of footpaths for public access. It was purchased in 1937 under the Green Belt Act and is managed by the council as an open space. Before the Second World War it was valuable woodland, but most of the best trees were removed by the army during the war.



The main access is from Orchard Road, off Limpsfield Road, Sanderstead. Other entrances are off Kingswood Lane, Harewood Gardens, Leighton Gardens/Hazlewood Grove and Kingswood Way.

Public transport

Bus: 403 along Limpsfield Road


Old woodland, some of which is now being coppiced again, with a small pond in the wood itself..


This has been an under-recorded site in the past, but many of the usual woodland birds are present as well as being one of the main sites in Croydon for Marsh Tit. Recent highlights have included Golden Oriole, Mealy Redpoll and Buzzard.

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